“For me, Photography is a kind of way to record the life from my own perspective and to express the world in my eyes.”

Here are eight groups of my photography selections. There is a theme with each one. You can click on the image to see it clearly. Enjoy it : )


Rain丨I like catching the scenery of the rain, one of the most beautiful children of the nature.


Rain · People 丨There are lots of stories during rainy days. The relationship between the rain and the human is so subtle.


Stormy Village丨This group of photos was taken in Xiapu, a small south village in China famous for the beautiful scenery of sunrise and sunset. When we arrived there, it's a doom-day-like cloudy and stormy day, which has a distinctive kind of beauty.


Animals丨The animals in the cage want to go out and the animals outside the cage want to go home


Creative丨Some photos from flickers of ideas


Life丨Some ingredients of life


Landscape丨The beauty of nature


Texture丨The skin of nature