TP+, named from traffic policeman plus, is a new type of mask designed for traffic policeman, who suffer from serious air pollution on daily duty, to keep them healthy without influencing their routine work.


Category: Physical Product

Duration: 3 Months

Team: 2 Designers

Role: Co-Research, Co-Ideation, Modeling

Tools: Rhino, Keyshot

Tags: #Traffic Police #Haze #Mask


From 2010 to 2016, the number of cities under the standard of air quality in China rise sharply after 2011, which is one of the most serious problems that we have to face.

Data from Ministry of Environmental Protection

Images from Baidu, 2016

We noticed that the traffic policeman is a special group of people that suffered seriously from the haze, so we decided to design a kind of new mask for them. 


We went to the crossroads to observe the daily work of traffic policemen to find what they need during the daily work

Photos taken by Yohe on the street of Hangzhou, 2016

We interviewed the traffic policemen at the crossroads and in the office to understand their demand deeply


-Mask is not durable

-Mask made their voice unclear

-Frequently use whistle while wearing mask

-Mask appearance should match the image of traffic policeman


Storyboard by Qifan Zhao, ZJUT BE Industrial Design, 2016


The material of mask's filter are mainly made from Electrostatic Cotton (Nondurable), Acticarbon (Poorly Functional), Meltblown (Ideal)


The appearance of mask are likely to be round to fit human face


Final Concept: A new type of mask for traffic policemen that integrates the function of whistle and interphone into the mask.


Sketch by Qifan Zhao, ZJUT BE Industrial Design, 2016