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CityDesk is a one-stop shop web service, which provides accurate, up-to-date and organized information about city services tailored to the needs of new arrivals.


Team: Yohe, Agnes, Ravi

Duration: 7 weeks

Role: Research&Analysis, UI/UX Design

Tools: Photoshop, Sketch, Principle, Webflow, Google Analytics

Tags: #Newcomers #City services #One-stop Shop

Category: Web Service


final design

main page.001.jpeg

Main Page


Daily-Life Service Page


Government Service Page


Checklist Page




Quick In-page Navigation

User could click different headlines at the left navigation part to anchor to corresponding content at the page.

They can also click different titles of pages to switch between different pages.



User could save the page to the checklist for review.


Export Checklist to Mailbox

User could check different services and send them to the mailbox for later use.


Easy Access to Return User

When return user comes to the website again, they can go to their checklist directly by typing their email address.




Every year, there are over one million immigrants arriving at the United States. As new arrivals, it’s difficult for them to get to know which services they can use and how these services work.


scope definition

Scope Definition.jpg
  • Based on demographic statistics, we choose workers (1.5Million) and students (1.18 Million) as our main target users.

  • We decided to focus on the post-arrive services, because they need to get access to local services after they arrive anyway.


Competitor analysis

Competitor Analysis.jpg
  • Most of them only focus on a certain place or a specific group of people.

  • They only provide information on either daily life service or government service.


user Research

We interviewed and analyze the needs of 7 newcomers who just came to the United States, including students and workers.





Service provider Interview

Interview with Yoko at SVA ISO

Interview with Yoko at SVA ISO

Interview with Sarah at NYU OGS

Interview with Sarah at NYU OGS

Visit NYC Immigrant Information Desk at Metropolitan Hospital

Visit NYC Immigrant Information Desk at Metropolitan Hospital

  • Both of them host a regular orientation and hand out books to provide information.

  • NYU has an online resources website for students to get necessary information easily.

  • Every two weeks, 500-1000 people come here to get NYC ID issued.

  • They don’t directly help residents apply these IDs, but provide them with necessary information and contact.


Decision of design

  • A one-stop shop service to provide up-to-date, accurate, and organized information tailored to the needs of new arrivals.

  • Since people would not use this service frequently, so we decide to design based on web instead of app.


targeted solutions



What’s the benefit of this service?


Who is going to do this service?

CityDesk is operated by a nonprofit organization.

Where does fund come from?

Government fund, donations, and sponsors

Who will do quality control on the information, and how?

  • First-hand sources.

  • UX writer of CityDesk will use wording in a rational, neutral and objective style.

  • Users can group a community to supervise and improve the quality of information


Prospective Customer Journey

CityDesk provides a more simple workflow and less time for researching information.


user flow

A linear workflow with two use cases to simplify the process and accommodate different situations.


Site Map




Visual Language

Designed by Agnes, SVA MFA Interaction Design, 2019


HI-FI & features



  • Poster and cards in school and Grand Central.

  • Posts on social media.


Cards and Posters are designed by Agnes, SVA MFA Interaction Design, 2019


data feedback

We built a website prototype and got 19 new users in 2 days.


Website prototype is designed by Ravi, SVA MFA Interaction Design, 2019


next step

  • User Testing

  • Design for mobile web of CityDesk

  • Extend Service to other cities, city desk for every city with “/city name” after “”

  • Support & Sponsorships from Government organizations and private sectors