Physical Computing | Week3: Lock Box

This week, I collaborated with Sofia and Gianmarco, both of them are really cool and supportive team-workers. We have to use different sensors or switches to make a lock box, only if we turn on the switches/sensors in right sequence, the green LED can be lightened, otherwise red LED will be lightened. If person turn on the switches/sensors in a wrong sequence three times, the yellow LED will be lightened.

Test the Circuit

Final Lock Box

Unfortunately, we failed to make a lock box that can turn certain LED on after a certain sequence, but we did learn a lot. We finally found it is because we use three totally different sensors and switches, so we can not use Arduino coding with simple logic. Also, we learnt how to use array to make LED turn on only after three times action. The most unexpected thing we found is the action turning switch on will make a vibration that influences the ultrasonic sensor, so it caused the coding we make invalid.