We are team STORMTROOPERS. This week we start our final project.

On Saturday, since we are all lifestyle lover, we came up with ideas starting from home experience.

Mind Map

Mind Map

But on the halfway of this, we found it is meaningless to keep listing all the activities, so we thought of another way, affinity diagram, to give birth to our topics, which use the reversed logic to think of topic ideas, grouping listed items instead of listing items under groups.

Affinity Diagram for Topic Brainstorming

Affinity Diagram for Topic Brainstorming

Then we made four groups of ATMOSPHERE, PHYSICAL ACTIVITIES, ENTERTAINMENT, SOLITUDE, but we still didn’t know where to start, so we decided to continue meeting next day.

The God felt sorry about that, so he shed light on our topic on Sunday morning:

Divine Indiction

Divine Indiction

Then we had a eureka moment and came up with an idea based on our same interest on nature and Zen:

How to bring the sound, visual and touch of nature into home?

How to make meditation more natural and immersive?

How can we interact with our biometric signals, such as heartbeat, breathing, neural pulse, etc?

So our topic is:

We would like to create a more immersive meditation experience by using wearable device to connect with our biometric signals.

We don’t want to limit our idea too much, so we make it not limited and not broad as well. It is not necessary to only be limited on domestic experience, we can still use it portably and anywhere.

The next step is to research for our topic and make a timeline.

Our interaction might be bio and rhythm based:

Audio: White Noise, ASMR, …

Visual: color, scene, …

Touch: texture, vibration, …

Our research goal would be:

Theoretical Research:

1.Competitor Analysis of meditation service nowadays.

2.How biometrics link to meditation?

3.How was the meditation like in bio world?

4.Why people like meditation?


Technical Research:

1.What kinds of biometrics signals people want to control when they are meditation?

2.What kinds of biometrics tech we can use?

3.How we use physical computing to implement it?