This two weeks, we need to let Arduino collaborate with Processing using serial communication.

This week, we built a concept, here are concept interaction flow:

1.A digital monster is sleeping, the computer screen made with processing is all black.

2.User can wake up the monster by pressing the space on keyboard

3.Then the monster will look around with its eyes. If there is no extra input in 5 seconds, it will falls asleep again.

4.If user presses the space on keyboard, the window will zoom out to show the full monster and the monster will jump out of window and into the physical monster made by Arduino.

5.When digital one jumps in, the electronic elements of eye, mouth, sound, moving in physical one will give reactions.

6.User can click different option buttons in the screen of processing to make commands to physical monster, like feeding, fondling, singing, etc.

7.Also, user can click the back button on the screen to let the monster come back to digital world.

8.When it jumps back, it will keeps looking around for 5 seconds. If there is no input again, it will fall asleep again. If user presses the space key, it will jump out of window again.

Here are some character design:

Primary Circuitry

Primary Circuitry

Next week, we need to build physical monster and code for processing.